Zorion: running like no tommorow

After I killed the demon I didn't realize at the masses that where surrounding me.

" Oh ........ CRAP." I Grabbed the bag and ran.

Whatever a celestial weapon may be it would hella nice to have one. I thought As I ran dodging a Bird with awefully sharp tallons ripping my bag in half.

I dropped the thing. If I survive this homework won't be an issue.  What got me was people we not even noticing the evil things chasing there where just luaghing. What is this it isn't funny they're trying to kill me.  A demon steps in my way. I jump and kick the ugly mofo in the face causing it to go flying. I hit the ground with more haste.  I was becoming a blur to the bystanders I was begining to outrun the demons. Then when I though I might actually survive trip.  My face grinds itself into the ground. The demons surrounded me.

" Hey there sorry bout your friend. You don't happen to fancy a Mcdonalds meal?" I say. 

They didn't say anthing. Suddenly from behind  an aussault kill the ugly things.

" You okay?" One of them says

" Whatever just get him to the camp." One orders



The End

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