Amber, Daughter of Hermes.

I was on my way to the lava rock wall, somewhat low in spirits. This morning, one of my brothers, Matt, had put a frog on my face when I was still asleep. I woke up with frog slime on my mouth, and a squirming amphibian down my night shirt. I knew that they weren't really evil, it was just their nature, as children of Hermes, but sometimes my siblings' pranks annoyed me. It was kind of weird, how, even though I was a child of Hermes, I wasn't like them at all. I was a more quiet person, with no fascination for pranks and other forms of mischief.

Suddenly, someone bumped into me, jolting me back to reality. The slender child before me was knocked over, and I reached over, extending my hand to help him up.

'Hey,' I said. 'Sorry about that. I was daydreaming.'

'It's OK. Hi, I'm Chris, son of Athena.' He extended his hand, and I shook it. Chris was of a slight build, about 5'1", with the characteristic blond hair and grey eyes of the Athena cabin.

'I'm Amber, daughter of Hermes. Nice to meet you.'

'Daughter of Hermes, eh?' he said. 'How long have you been in camp?'

'4 years. Well, it will be four years next month,' I replied. 'And you?'

'I joined two months ago. You were headed towards the rock wall, weren't you? I was too.'

We headed towards the rock wall, chatting about this and that. I was beginning to feel a bit better, with him in my company, when I saw Cyrus in the distance. I felt my face going as bright red as a tomato with sunburn as he turned and waved too me. I waved back. He was just too amazing...

The End

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