"HOLY COW!" I cried, giggling internally at the irony. A red calf had just stepped out of the bushes. I stared at it. Reluctantly, I pulled my hand from Ray's and walked towards the calf. It was cute, I'd always liked animals. It's fur was warm, but not what you'd expect from a red cow. I'd expected fire burning hot, but it was just warmish.

"Stay away from that . . . thing Lisa!" I jumped up and looked at Cyrus.

"It's not a thing!" I sneered, "It's a living breathing being! And, and" I stated sternly, "I'm taking it back to camp with me," I turned and found that the cow was attatched to a rope. It was stuck into the ground on a stake next to a tree. I grasped the rope near the tree and put one of my feet on the tree and pulled.

"Frrrush!" I groaned as the rope suddenly came free and I fell to the ground. I heard Cyrus and Ray gasp, and when I looked back I saw the stake stuck in a tree just behind their crouched heads. "Oopsies," I said grinning, jumping up with the rope in my hand and dusting my self off. My hair was a mess so I pulled it back into a lose ponytail, careful to watch out and pull the hair scrunchie into my hair and not one of my many bracelets. That was one thing I prided myself on, my bracelets.

I walked back over to Cyrus and Ray, the cow trailing behind me.

"Ok Boys, Camp ho!"

The End

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