Ray: A Harmless Walk in the Woods

         I grabbed Lisa's Hand and we walked into the woods, and the other guy followed us. 
"So, what is this place anyways?" I asked her

"Uh..its a place for half bloods" she stammered.

    I think i was making her nervous. Was that a good thing? She did look rather pretty though, much prettier then the girls back home who used  to feint at the sight of me.

"Half Blood? Like, Half Human....what is the other half?" I asked curious

"Half god" Answered The  Other Boy

"Like.....the christian god?" I replied worried that all these people were crazy

"No, Greek gods" Answered the other boy

"Oh..so whose my dad? Becuase  i Know my mom was mortal. She can't be a god shes too stupid.." i answered angry at my mom  for not telling me this

"Undetermined, maybe if your lucky he will claim you as his son, for now you will stay with the Hermes Cabin" He said almoust snearing

"Whats wrong with him?" I asked Lisa

Just before she was going to answer, we heard a Moo, and a red cow calf stepped out of the bushes. Wait what?

The End

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