Lisa: Holy Gods

I could feel Cyrus tensing beside me, but I was too lazy to open my eyes to see what it was. Then, a shadow crept over my face, shading it from the sun.

"Dude!" I yelled, "Would you ple-" my yell was cut short as I saw who was standing over me.

It was the new kid, except I couldn't see him very well when I'd glanced at him on top of the hill. Now that he was standing over me, my breath caught in my throat.

The sun created a halo around his ebony coloured hair. It danced and shimmered off every strand as his perfect white teeth smiled down at me behind rose lips. His eyes were and entrancing blue, the kind you could easily get lost in. Holy Gods, I thought.

I noticed that I was propping my self up clumsily when he extended his hand towards me.

"Need help up?" he asked me. My mouth was being unreasonable, it couldn't form words, so I settled for a nod. It seemed feeble to his smooth silk voice. It could've calmed even the craziest Ocean. I grabbed his hand lightly and he pulled me up easily. I stood, staring down at my black and green skaters instead of at him. I brushed off my shorts and pulled my hair around my shoulder. When I looked at him, he was still smiling. I felt my heart thrumming in my chest and sent mental messages to it to STOP!

"Im Ray," he said.

"L-Lisa," I said. He was wearing a loose-ish gray hoodie that looked extremely comfortable. Blue jeans and . . . No way! Original black All Stars? I'd been looking for a pair everywhere! "I, uh . . . like your shoes," I said, ending in a giggle as I quickly shoved my hand over my mouth.

He smiled again as my stomach did flips in my abdomen.

"Thanks," he said, "I like yours too," I looked back down at my slightly dirty black and green skaters. Smiling I looked back up, and wiggled my toes happily inside my shoes.

I smiled like a fool as I invited Ray to come for a walk with me and Cyrus. When he said yes, a little voice inside me started singing and we started off towards the forest. Truthfully, I didn't care if we went to the bottom of the sea, as long as I could still see his smile.

Ah crap. I sound like a giddy school girl. Fantastic.

The End

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