Zarion: Different

"Hey Zarion would you stop for a moment and fight me hand to hand." Charlie kept bothering me. 

" Would you go away you know I will beat you before you your first punch has even finished extending." I said walking down school steps.

"Pussy." Charlie sneered

" Your attempts at pissing me off won't work. Charlie." I said at the bottom of the steps.

" Is that so."  He said his voice sounding darker.

Not this agian a second time in this month. I turn around dropping my bag, and pushing my jackets sleeves up.  Charlie mutated from a sneering human boy to some bizzare creature of the deep. 

" I will crush you nice ans simple beast." I said not even a twinge of fear.  If anyone was watching me they would have seen me simply disapear out of few and reapear  in front of the beast which was now falling back on the stair.

" You can't kill me Half blood you do not hold a celestial weapon." It snarled in fear.

I punched the beast head straight off.

" Im not sure what that is but your should thankful I didn't have one." I replied see what I thought was human boy turn to dust. 


The End

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