Lisa: Ah, the sun

I jolted up into a sitting position, gasping. Cyrus leapt from his chair and came to the side of my bed.

"Lisa?" he whispered. My eyes were wide.

"W-where am I?" I asked. He chuckled lightly.

"Haha, Camp Half-Blood. You'll learn more later. Come on, have some ambrosia and we'll go outside," I took the glass of whatever he gave me, my throat was killing me. The warm liquid slid down my throat and I tried to place the taste.

Brownies, no pie, blueberries, ice cream. I finally settled on home made chocolate cake. Mmmm.

When he brought me outside, I squinted at the bright sunlight. I was standing on a little porch in the middle of a huge valley. The grass was so green and pretty too. I shook my arm lightly from Cyrus' hand and walked off the porch so I could bathe in the sunlight.

"So this is camp?" I asked.

"Yupp, the one and only!"

"I could get used to this," I layed down on the ground, the grass tickling my bare thighs. I was wearing denim shorts and a blue tank top which looked really good with my jet black hair if I do say so myself. I put my hands behind my head and breathed quietly and softly in and out. I felt Cyrus come and sit beside me, but I didn't open my eyes or move. This was too perfect. Then, Cyrus stirred. I opened my eyes to smile at him, but he was looking at the hill. I rolled onto my side, propping my head up with my arm and looked up the hill.

There, at the top, stood a boy about my age, entering Camp Half-Blood.

"New kid," I said, rolling onto my back again and closing my eyes.

"Yeah," said Cyrus, his teeth clenched. I shrugged it off and soaked up some more sun, I'd always liked the sun.

The End

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