Ray- crap, im a half god?

   I yawned as Mr Demers continued on his lecture about Simple Predicates or some crap like that. Why the hell was i put in this english class anyways, i can hardly read english without my eyes buggering up. Even if this guy was funny, i couldn't stand his class. I heard the bell ring and i grabbed my  stuff and shuffled outside the classroom.

   Lately i've noticed that the dreary weather in this normally drizzleng town has been getting worse. Maybe a storm was coming. That would be amazing. I love storms, the huge bright flash as lightning came down and threw itself back to the earth, and the amazing rumble as if someone was crashing on a drum.

  I turned around and saw my best friend, Ethan, run up beside me. He looked a bit nervous, then again he always looks nervous. Weird guy, but hes an amazing friend. 

"Looks like a storms coming eh dude?" I said to ethan

"Y.Y.Y.Yup" Said ethan while studdering. 

"Mr. Mattson" Said a voice from behind me.

    Ugh, it was Mr H, the annoying bugger. He always seemed to have more then one personality, and all of them were annyoing.

"May i talk to you in my office shortly?" Mr H Said with a snear

"NO RAY DON'T" yelled Ethan

"Quiet Satyr" Said Mr H

Wait..Satyr...isnt that a goat person..from greek mythology...and why was Mr. H hissing?

"Ray Run!!" yelled Ethan

"Thats it, its time for you to have detention, in Hades!" Said Mr. H

Okay, Either my eyes were decieving me, or Mr H Just grew two more heads, and claws.

Ethan got into a defensive position, but Mr H struck out with one of his heads and Ethan fell to the ground.

"Have fun in Hades..don't forget your  Hall Pass" Said  Mr. H's Middle Head with a snear.

              I looked at Ethan, i looked  at the Three Headed Mr. H.  And i yelled. Now this wasn't just a regular yell like you'd do to get someones attention, this was an earth shaddering yell, that almoust sounded like Thunder crashing down. Lightning Crashed  around me, hitting Mr. H and turning him to Dust. I looked around; the school was on fire. I did the first thing that came to mind, i ran out the door and fled. And there waiting for me outside, was a Bus that said "Camp Half Blood"

The End

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