Eva: naturally (half) divine.

Anyone on the main land can tell I'm demi-goddess. The blonde curls, the tanned skin-if it weren't for my father's grey eyes I would be the spitting image (albeit a little shorter-sadly genetics mean I could be exactly as my mother). That's why my father decided it would be easier to keep me on the small island off coast. I have my own tutor so that people do not bombard me. After all,

being the daughter of Aphrodite has its drawbacks.

The amount of amorous suitors I have had-it's embarassing. My father is very good, he always sends them away as this is best for me. He always cares for me but you can it is only the fact that I have his eyes that he did not abandon me. The thought of my mother drives him half-insane with longing and misery that she lives on Olympus with her husband and her lover. I see her more as a kindly force-she did leave me a nominal gift of course. My looks can make travellers stray and the most genial of people stupid. However, I know from my mother that it is all lust and if followed will lead to destruction.

That's why father has sent me to the camp-he says I cannot stay isolated all my life, but these people will understand the burdens of being demi-gods and I will not have such an undesired effect on all of them.

All the same, I did cause an eleven-year old son of Bacchus faint on my way in. This seems familiar already.

The End

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