Lisa: Half-Blood?

Our car broke down less than half a mile from Camp. My mom swore at the car as I got out and grabbed my bag. I'd been invited by my friend, Cyrus. he'd been here before and said it was loads of fun. He stayed here as long as he could, I only saw him at school. He didn't disclose any details about the camp, except that it totally kicked butt. I'm 14 and my name is Lisa.

Walking towards the big pine tree, just like he said, I could still hear my mother swearing at the car. I turned and looked at her.

"Mom! I'm going to camp. See you!" I said, turning, and never looking back. I hated my mother. She was a liar, a cheater and a scum bag. I was so happy to be going to camp.

When I reached the hill, I groaned. It was much higher and steeper up close. I hauled my duffle bag onto my shoulders, my other bag was swung over both of my shoulders. Technically it was a purse, but that didn't matter. It didn't look like a purse, therefore I didn't consider it a purse because I hate purses.

When I finally got to the top, sweat beading on my forehead, I looked out into the valley beyond the hill, and saw nothing.

"What!?" I whispered, not able to voice my frustration. Cyrus had led me wrong! I can't believe it. I walked a little ways past the Pine tree and sat down, facing away from the valley. Then, my duffle bag started to slide down the hill.

"NO!" I yelled, grabbing my shoulder bag and bolting after it. It made it to the bottom before I got it. "Damn!" I said, picking it up and facing into the valley again. "Woah," I said. An entire forest and tons of wooden cabins had materialized in the once bare valley. My heart thrummed in my chest as my feet drew me towards the welcome sign, like they were telling me something. I flung my eyes away from the cabins and to the sign.

It read:

"Welcome Campers to Camp Half-Blood!"

Half-blood? I thought, right before I passed out infront of the sign.

The End

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