Cyrus son of Helios

I was 6 when I came here, some Poseidon kid took me in and taught me to fight, it was only later when Helios claimed me that I found out he was the reason I could come here, and it was even later than this that I realised Helios had faded a long time ago. How could I be the son of Helios when he was gone. Maybe he hadn't, maybe he disappeared, but my appearance raised a lot of questions, questions I ask myself. And the will to find my dad.

I'm 14 now, I've been here a while and have a fair bit of respect. I can control fire and light and I can see anything that is happening. I'm excellent with the bow and apparently I look good, I have golden hair and bright hazel eyes almost golden too.

So here I am in Camp Half-Blood, trying forever to get on that quest to find my dad.

The End

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