That Feeling

Storytelling. Pure and simple, at it's best, is my favourite thing in the world. It evokes emotions, it brings back memories it creates new ones. I could happily park my mind in the world of the Magic Faraway Tree, basking in the fuzzy warm nostaliga of childhood. Or drift along the grounds of Hogwarts, feeling bittersweet about my long lost friend. Or to laugh and feel exhilirated by the sense of adventure and life experience and humour that radiates from my favourite autobiographies.

I could forever live my life on my own, head in a book, not a care in the world, theoretically. One of the main reasons I write is not only because I love it, not only because it's fun and an escape and rewarding, but because I want to make other people feel the way I feel when I read things that have such a profound effect on me.

I don't have much skill in anything, my one sporting hobby I once was good at yet slowly became bad at, my original ambition of filmmaker extraordiniare went down the tubes and I have never really felt like I have accomplished anything worthwhile.

This is what I crave. To create things, writings, stories, a mere shadow of the works of art I have read in my life would suffice, that will reach people. The idea of having a book published, the idea of a legacy that will live on, is very alluring. Perhaps for the wrong reasons in other people's minds. I believe my intentions are true and I have no problem sharing them.

My dream is to publish a book. I would be so proud, and maybe even my family would be, who knows. And I will. Because I'm not afraid to fail, nor am I afraid to get up every morning for the rest of my life trying.

It's that simple. As for this site, well it's been a brilliant discovery and I'm so glad I came here. Being a featured author is an honour, really, after seeing the likes of who have recieved this title. I already feel quite welcomed into this little community and it feels very nice. I realise I may have come across not too good in the above paragraphs droning on about publishing a book. Yet being able to post short stories and chapters and poems on here is excellent, as writing anything and furthermore sharing it, is a lovely experience.

Having others enjoy my writing is a pleasure, as I feel I half give back the enjoyment of reading all of yours. I like to believe, as I'm sure most of us do, that I'm am true to myself and probably too honest for my own good. So I hope that offers more insight than annoyance...Hmmm my self deprecation seems to be kicking in, be optimistic! :P

Anyway, to anyone who wishes to complete a book, their story or get published, as I'm sure a lot will, just know that you will, because you won't give up. It's that easy. It's that hard :P


The End

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