Writing is absolute freedom.

You can go anywhere any time via the written word. Transverse the universe, make time stand still. You can be a prophet, freedom fighter, comedian, poet, philosopher, guru, teacher, musician with words.

I write on Protagonize because it gets me laughing all day thinking up stupid things, and sometimes, night after night I'm still awake in the early hours because I can't get to sleep for giggling. It actually gets annoying, and the side of my brain that is forever practical, and needs to get up in the morning, gets angry with the other that keeps on bursting out laughing in the dead of night! I argue with myself!

Then sometimes that feels too much like Nero fiddling while Rome burns! Because every morning I look out of the window and there is a blanket of cloud and a wind blowing, which is unusual even for England in July, and leaves me feeling like donning a sandwich board and walking around announcing that the end is nigh! I'm too convinced that it's the polar ice caps yer see.

I like writing that reveals things, either about the corruption of the worlds' governments, or, time and it's being an illusion, or even how to stop smoking with out attacking anyone.

I was the fourth of five children and started school knowing nothing about words, and when I was five, I thought reading and  was cruel.When Santa left a whole bookcase of books that year I was deeply wounded by his lack of understanding.

My mum paid me £i.00 to read Nicolas Nickleby when I was 16, and, after years of seeing reading as something I was made to do, I actually found myself enjoying it. I did have to force myself to read the first three quarters of it though!

Some years later, when I moved to a small island and had no television or phone, I found myself writing loads of letters, and I do love forming letters with a pen. That probably got me writing, but I have always loved writing, even when I could only spell "the," I still had to write it on the walls and scratch it onto my head board.

I am creative, I paint, but, as with writing, I rush in, cause I'm so keen once I have got an idea in my noggin. Annoying! I used to make a lot of patchwork things on account of being skint, and I find writing's a lot like sewing different pieces together to make something new and unique. So I suppose that it's for the joy of it and the need of it, that I write. So why do you write?

The End

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