My nature

Thats why, I write to create, I create to help, I help to feel, and I feel because it is my nature. I write because the world is starting to suck. Did you know the U.S. government has missiles hidden throughout the country in the ground? The president can push a button anytime he wants and at that very second, all of the missiles will shoot towards the sky incase of an air invasion. If this is information that has been released into public doamin, imagine the secrets they still keep, The government is growing in power, because we allow them to. eventualy they will have total control. But they can't stop you from writing, if writing is nature to you, even if it is just playing with a few ideas in you head, you do it, it can not be stopped by you, unless you really try. And the government certainly can't stop you from doing it. So when the government has total crontrol of the people, I can die knowing that I was good at, and enjoyed the one thing they could not stop.

The End

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