...because it makes me smile : )


I like to play with words.... having words around to play.


Finding that 'perfect' combination that captures the light just right. Wrapping them in my page and marvelling at their beauty... the way they sound together...


: )


It makes me feel fuzzy.


Most of my writing tends towards the absurd as it makes me chuckle. I like to chuckle. Often I will write something with the expressed purpose of making myself chuckle enough that I can show it to someone else and hopefully they'll chuckle too, then I'll chuckle 'cause I made them chuckle and we'll both be chuckling.


I like to write to prove I can. I was taught to be such a doubting Thomas.


I love the sensation you get when pieces of plot drop in unexpectedly to say "Hi, I'm here to tidy that up for you"


There's always something new and surprising just lurking beneath the surface when you sit down to write - it teaches us who we are.


I'd almost forgotten the thrill of adventure of unplanned writing when I came on here... I wrote one post - a signature absurdity - and was content to leave it at that... but was drawn back in by the force that drives us all... plus Trish kept on at me.... (for which I am very grateful since I'm loving it).


Writing with other people, without the constraints of deadlines and rigid plotting is a beautiful thing. I like this game we all play together and I thank Nick for letting us use his wonderful garden, without which I'd still be sat inside, staring at the wall.


I write because if you're going to dream your life away, you might as well have proof.


So - I've been dying to ask... why do YOU write?


The End

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