to Create

v. trans., from the Latin creatus
1. to make
    2. to manufacture
    3. to put into existance
    4. to shape, mold

    That is the most simplistic reason I have to write, Protagonize comes later. First, I need to emphasize the human desire to build, to form and shape things for themselves. I'm going to go a dabble in Christian philosophy a little here, so don't mind me. God said, during the act of Creation, "Let us make Man in Our image, in Our likeness..." (Genesis 1:23) and He did just that. We will never know if we were made to look like Him, but we do know one thing for sure: we were given the ability to create. We create life with our bodies, we create worlds with our minds, we create whatever it is we please, as we please. Some draw and illustrate, some build machines, buildings, or space craft. Some tend to and shape life, be it plant, animal, or human.

    All people, though, create fantasy, though not all share them, and fewer still seek to write them down. We are of those few. I am of those few. I dream, I imagine, I write.

    And that brings me to Protagonize, and outlet for my imaginings, a place to build and to create. I can plant a seed and watch others tend it, see it grow into something I could never imagine. Or I can find your seeds, and build upon them, add my own ideas, my own creations, and feel satisfied in what I have done.

    That, my fellow writers, my fellow Protagonizers, is why I write. That, is how I imagine. That, is the wonder of creation.

The End

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