Because It's A Dream

To be able to write, not for a school exam or a college paper, but for the sheer pleasure of it, has always been my dream. Worlds are created and destroyed inside my head repeatedly and now I can finally type them out and see them in high definition before my eyes. Watching them take shape, get filled in, and lived in is what I love best about writing. 

It's a sort of release for me. A convenient exit from my reality into a place where there are no rules, or ones that have been created by me. It's a place where a boy looks past a girl's freckled face and nerdy personality and delves deeper to discover a woman yearning for her first dance. It's place where fairy tales do not require the Prince to rescue the Princess. A place where the stars battle it out with the blazing sun in the ultimate war of light. A place where I can crawl into when my reality becomes a little too strenuous.

It's not like I'm not in touch with my life. It's just that I'm someone who always wants an alternative. If not this, then that. What is life without options and choices? So, to me, writing provides an alternative which bends according to my preferences and flows with my thoughts.

I hope that I continue to write until the day I cease to exist because I know that the day I stop writing will be the day I die.

The End

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