I write for....

I write because I have this universe in my head , and this universe has galaxies, and planets and within them my imagination manifest millions of stories, and sometimes I can't keep it all in and I need an outlet. One way is writing the other way is to run into the vast forests that I live in an reinact these stories. Now the latter on is embarrasing to no end to get caught at. So I write, now I don't have many solo's on Protag , and I join loads of collabs. Thats because those collabs give me a reason to come back my Solo's , aren't read all that often , and I all I want is someone to read my universe.

I also wriet because it come naturally to ever since I could read, and write I wrote stories , and one of my teachers insisted that I write stories. Also in my journal where I was supposed to write about my life , but I wrote stories, and the only reason how I got away with this because my teacher wanted to find out what happened next. So through my life I have been encouraged to write.

One last reason, I always wanted to be a hero of a sorts , and in my stories you will find that the character also trys to be a hero atleast thats what it looks like in my point of view.

The End

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