Why do I write?

It actually hard to think why you actually do write, but here goes.


As a little girl I had this thing for note books and special pens, (which hasn’t changed much now ;P). I was either drawing or scribbling down stories or notes about things I had seen or just made up in my head. My mother say’s ‘She doesn’t know where I get it from?’ as no one else in the family is quite like me. But that’s a good thing.

I find happiness in a lot of little things, as small things seem to make me happy rather than big elaborate things, and writing is one of them. I have always been really creative, and love to sit and make things to. But that is another story, lol. English was definitely my major in school, along with literature and art.

My imagination kicks in at the strangest of times and then I just have to write it down, as sometime4s it just flows. There are other times when I am really stuck for words, or my brain wont allow me to be sidetracked by any other thoughts. But I usually find after a short time out it will be back on form again.

For years I wrote journals about everyday events, but they were so much more than. ‘I got up, went to work, came home and watched TV’.

As they would be filled with detail’s or ideas I had, from the most mundane of a day. And I always find something to do.


I think I amaze myself sometimes with what I write, and do wonder where it does all come from.

So I guess that is why I write, because I have this amazing deep rooted ability and desire to write what I see and feel.

So why do you write?

The End

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