To Make The World Interesting

    I have, from birth, been an independent type of person. I'd prefer to be on my own than to be with a big group of people, and crowds make me claustrophobic. And, to be blunt, I'm strange. I'm not insulting myself, but I don't fit in with the usual cookie-cutter personalities people have assigned; I'm not a goth, but not a girly-girl either, and certainly not emo, though I do have my moments.

    So why do I write? I guess you can call me over-controlling, but I enjoy making people similar to myself. Whether they formerly had no existence or whether they were just "there" earlier, and after reading saw a whole new world ahead of them (Though I'm not vain. I know that is rare.) I enjoy having people that see my twisted sense of humor, random tendencies, and romantic nature around, even if some are fictional. Generally, you could say I write for the whole world. To make the world interesting.

    But my inflated ego beside, I also write to let those poor souls who only exist in the darkest corners of my mind to jump out and guide a pen (Or, more realistically, a keyboard.) across a page (Computer screen) and give themselves more existence. When I write, I've no idea what's going on. I'm like a medium; I'm just used as a way to channel their energy. It's the characters who control the goings-on of the story, not me.

    So why do I write? To make the world fun, to give a fictional character a chance, to entertain myself... I could go on and on. But enough about me, why do you write?

The End

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