One thing that makes me really sad is my inability to remember certain periods of my life.

My present mind is a summation of all my previous experiences. Subconsciously all the data is still there, but not consciously. I wish I could remember a day in my past as vividly as I experienced it then.

When I look back at my life, there are gaps in my memory. There are periods of my life from which I hardly remember anything at all, even the basic things like who my friends were and what we did in our spare time. Then there are periods where I remember tons of little things; I remember a whole day's worth of events, and things that I was thinking about, and conversations that I had.

Invariably, the periods that I remember well are those during which I took the time to write, draw, take photos, craft, or create anything at all. It doesn't even matter what I draw or write about... it can be something entirely unrelated to what I'm thinking or hoping that I'll remember in the future. As long as I write something, I can later read that, and it will take me back into the state my mind was in at the time I wrote it.

Recently I collected every piece of my writing that I could find, typed it up, and saved it with the most accurate date I could come up with. Now I keep a timeline of all my writings, drawings, paintings, photos, videos and audio recordings in chronological order. It makes me feel SO much better. I only regret those gaps in my life where I didn't create anything.

Now I have a journal (um, word document) that I write in, so I should never go very long without writing something. But, of course, now there's Protagonize, so I pretty much write something every day, and that's amazing. You people are all amazing, keeping me on my toes and writing something interesting, not just a boring monologue to myself.

So... in this sense I write mainly for myself, but there's more to it. I definitely practice with the intent to improve, as with all things that I do. I hope to entertain people and to inspire them to be creative as well. But I have no aspirations of making money from any of my work. I wouldn't skip out on a convenient opportunity if one slapped me in the face, but I'm not seeking it.

So what is it about you? Why do you write?

The End

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