Inner Thoughts and Emotional Outlets

I write because;

It is an emotional outlet for me; nearly all my writing has aspects of some of my personal experiences in it; my feelings for people, the love I have had for them, the hurt that has come of it... Throughout my legacy of writing (FalseGod and MPCB94), I'd say at least 90% of it has personal aspects in it;

It is something I have wanted to do since I got into reading (about aged 5) and I have huge respect for anyone who can write successfully, even if I don't like what they actually write. 

It is a way for me to release what I'm thinking to the outside world, and for me to show the real me in a way that doesn't insult or injure. I may not be an emo/goth, but I am hugely interested in gothic things. Through my writing, I can convey that without having people taking the mick. Not that I would mind, but I already have people talking about me for too many things. 

The End

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