Hi! I'm Emily and this is why I write:

English used to be my favourite lesson until I got two particular teachers who I call Mrs Borin and Mrs I-Don't-Want-To-See-Your-Earphones. I love writing. I love it almost as much as reading and I ADORE reading. I love writing test because I normally have to write a story in them (aside from the time limit coz I can never write in a given amount of time). I love it that we're doing a sorta writing projecty thingy with Mrs Borin.

Around the beginning of December 2009, I started writing a story based on a story beginning that I did with the teacher before Mrs I-Don't-Want-To-See-Your-Earphones. I spent most of my time when not at school writing this story. On MSN, whenever my friends asked me what I was doing the answer would always be 'writing my story'. Then Flora (Element) suggested putting it on Protagonize. But I had never heard of Protag then so I didn't join. Then Amy (cherrywrite) read it and said that I should put it on Protagonize. So I asked her what it was and she told me and it sounded interesting so I joined. The story, if you're wondering, is 'An Almost Empty World'.

I enjoy writing because I can put what I want (unless it's a test). I love Protag because no-one cares that I normally write too much. Or that that too much is normally about the nonsense that finds it's way into me head. I have a knack for making stuff up as I go along (which is probably the time limit problem). I love Protag coz people normally like what I write. Unlike Mrs Borin who made us all write an essay on Skellig and then when we'd wasted all our spare time on it, pointed out all the bad things and handed it back to us to do again. Then made us write it up in neat. Anyway, I have no idea why I told you that. That's another thing: I like that you don't have to write things up in neat! If you do something wrong you can just edit it. I love reading other peoples stuff too. I love collabs. I love that you can write with other people. Basically: I love everything about writing and Protag. :D

So, now I spend most of my spare time in my room,on my laptop, on Protag. Literally. I consider myself a Protagaholic. My life would be pretty boring without Protag. Seriously. I have a sort of friendship with my characters. And, this is gonna sound really weird, but I sometimes dream about what's going on in the collabs I'm in. So yeah, I'm a Protagaholic. Flora says it's actually 'Protagaddict' but I think Protagaholic sounds better.

I'm Emily and that was my randomly weird description of why I write!


The End

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