That Little Bit of Magic...

Why do I write?

I write because writing has no rules. No stuffy regulations, no right or wrong, no black or white. If you write it, it is. That's just the way it works. There's no guidelines, no strict "dos and don'ts" and no-one to tell you what to do.
Writing is freedom.

When I write, I leave this world and go somewhere else, another world. A world so much more interesting and exciting than my own. A world of adventure, excitement, wonder and, best of all, magic. As wonderful as my own world is, I always find myself longing for things to be different. And so I build myself a world where I make the rules and decide how things work. I can do anything and there's nobody to tell me otherwise. True not everything works out, but those little sparks of magic that seem to leap from my fingers to take life on the page never cease to be worth it for me.

However, as important as all these things are for me, there is one other thing that makes me write.
My characters won't leave me in peace if I don't!

Call me crazy (which many people do) but my characters talk to me in my head. No wait, scratch that, they live in my head. Dragons, elves, witches, farmboys, princesses, warriors, cowards, horses, cows, pigeons, heroes, villains, all of them have taken up residence in my mind. Some are so real I swear they sit on my shoulder and whisper their tales in my ear as I scribble or type their stories into life. 

For me, the greatest joy in the world is to use that wonderful thing called an imagination (le gasp!) and bring a whole new world into existance. I get thrills from seeing words race across the page, from seeing the flat paper turn to colourful landscapes and images before my eyes. I love building up cities, towns, oceans, mountains and empires, starting from the ground up and adding life to the paper pictures. I love creating people from words, turning black ink into flesh, blood and bone. I love seeing them come to life in my mind and from the moment their voices start whispering in my ears I know I have done something to be proud of.

Everyone needs a little magic in their life.

For me, that magic is writing.

Why do you do it?

The End

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