The Feeling It Brings!

I write because it makes me happy. When somebody reads my stories and says "You know what, this is good!" My earliest stories (that haven't been added to this site) were ways of expressing my emoticons i guess... they came from past experiences!

Writing also helps me clear my mind as I am quite imaginative and sometimes i think about things and will keep thinking about them over and over again untill i have jotted them down or told somebody else of my thoughts.

It also feels good to invent characters that have been through simaler things that i have been through. It makes me feel as though I'm not alone even though the people who end my lonliness are characters made from my own mind.

I guess writing for me is a way of dealing with problems that i have not yet learned to deal with. It helps me talk about things that I have not yet learned to talk about and express things that I have not yet learned to express!

I love writing and everything that comes with it. I guess that's all I have to say :) I relise that a huge junk of this writing will make no sense to people at all but when something sounds good in my head it must sound good to other people? Or not... :)

The End

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