to express myself

That's pretty much the main reason. Sometimes i just am sitting there in front of a keyboard or with a pen in my hand and i start writing. Forget the homework i was sposed to be doing, forget A-levels and uni. I start writing and i can reflect everything i feel and it all comes out so easily.

For me it's not all about the freedom though, it's more about the emotion. If i can put feeling into it i can make other people feel, and that's the whole point for me, to express myself and get other people expressing. It sounds really nasty but i love it when my stories make people cry. It's not cuz i like seeing people with tears in their eyes it's cuz i know i managed to give them a little something of how my character feels.

That's just with stories though. Sometimes i write purely for myself, and that's when it's all about releasing my own feelings, so if i'm really angry i'll write something very angry and violent and i'll feel a lot better. If i'm sad then it'll be really melancholy or whatever. You get the idea. You should see some of the stuff i come out with when i'm in love. :P

I think that's why some of the stories i've written have been the best when they've been entirely spontaneous when i've just been feeling one way or another and they just come out so full of emotion. When i have something to say but can't say it or if i have something that's burning me up and can't do anything about it, all those sorts of things.

Sometimes i get really carried away in the most inappropriate times. Ever been in an exam and suddenly become overwhelmed by the need to make it more interesting? No? Yeah thought it was only me who did strange things like that :P but i've started getting off topic in the middle of GCSEs and paused to jot down story ideas on bits of paper in the middle of hour long papers about every five minutes so i spose i also write to keep my world interesting.

Finally i think i write for the feeling i get when i can capture something in the perfect words. Is that just me too or are you getting what i'm saying with that? Just get a little thrill when i read something i've written and it says exactly what i wanted it to say and captures exactly what i wanted it to capture in just the right way. When the words are flowing from my mind through my fingertips or my pen so fast and they're just falling onto the pages in a flawless tapestry of language. I just think it's such a good feeling.

The reason i love protagonize is because it is a community of people like me. And i struggle to find those in my everyday life. I love the feedback and the stories people write and the poems i see and everything i've read anyone put up here. I just love it.

Oh and also i write for the reader. It's all well and good writing for yourself but truly in a famous overquoted statement happiness is only true when shared. You've gotta write for someone else too.

I think i've said the same thing at least 5 different ways there :P

But that is why i write

What about you?

The End

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