To go to my own world.

I write as an escape, it - like my title says - let's me 'go to my own world.'

It also helps that protagonize is so addictive! Even though all I seem to do is add a load of poop at times, I still like to write.

My iPod helps, with it's music it helps me to imagine things - usually the action/vampire&hunter kind - but, hey ho, what're y' gunna do? The music gets it started, then even in the silence the little imaginary people have little adventures in my head.

Another reason why I started, is because my english teacher, Mr Parker, told us to write a beginning of a story like 'Great Expectations.' He gave me, and several others in the class the confidence to write. It was in October of 2009 that I even had the confidance to put some of my work on the tinterweb. Then, over a period of time, I ended up on this turning out random stuff like double cheese burgers at Maccy Dee's.

Yes, this is a re-edited version of this, but my old one was just blabbering with a picture of moustace man  :{D and other random things, which I have now forgotten... Oh well. :')

Hope you enjoyed the mini exploration of my brain. ^^


The End

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