the only thing that I can truly be of. . . .

I always had a wild imagination. I am still really young, and I sit dream up magical places, and scenarios both funny and serious. I write because I need to, in a way. Writing is the world where I can be myself, the only thing I can truly be. Someone once told me that you can be in something but not of it. But when I write a story, I feel that I may not be in it, but I can be of it. A thought or feeling, a touch from a friend, or an experience from the past or present, or even a distant, blurry memory from when you were too small to understand things in the world. My world, my friends, my life, and my thoughts inspire me. I write because I love to write, more then I love to do anything in the world. Did you ever know that you know, that you know, that you know in your heart that you could never outgrow or hate something? Writing is like my essence, the best way to express myself. I couldn't think of anything else to help me be myself. When I write, It's like another part of my mind takes over, one that I can't unlock. See, I have these moments where I HAVE to write, at that exact moment. I come home, walk past my mom muttering "I have to write." then sit down at the computer and type for as long as possible. I don't necessarily write for very long, but when I do, I feel like I've done something for the world, even if the world doesn't know it.

I know that I know, that I know, that I know that this is the only thing I can truly be of.

So that's me, and that's why I write. How 'bout you?

The End

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