Why do I write??

I don't write for the praise, I usually never show anyone, except myself and those few I trust, my stories, poetry...but I've always have liked posting them up on websites like Quizilla for instance, and now that I found this place here. (Quizilla is just not that great anymore.)

My parents are usually upset that I don't show them my writing. And that's because usually I know they will freak out about what I am writing. They'll ask why I feel like that and I'm just not into talking on a deep, personal level with my parents. They throw everything out of proportion.

I write because it's what I'm feeling at the time. Whether it be sad, happy, loving, depressing. If I'm feeling something, I write it down. I've been writing since 7th grade, but before then, I was horrible! I hated writing. But I think mostly, it was because I didn't like my handwriting.(Now it's pretty so I like it(: heehee)

I write for me, so that I can reminisce(sp?), and I won't forget what happened or what I was feeling. But I also write for that special someone, maybe I know him, maybe I don't, so that he will read them one day and know how much I've been through.

I write because I don't want to forget, and if sometime when I'm alone and I'm alone for good, I don't want to forget that someone has been there.

Why do you write?

The End

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