I honestly don't know.

There is an energy inside me that compels me to write, yes, I enjoy it, yes, I do find release... but they aren't the reasons I write, I don't have a reason, I begun because my friend did, and since then, even since I lost contact with that person I haven't stopped. 

I have met so many wonderful people through writing, through reading and experiencing all the worlds that people can create, I am completely enthralled by the endless possibilities that a human mind can create. If we can think of worlds beyond worlds... why can't we do such a simple thing as live in peace? Writing begs for conflict and passion... perhaps thats what creation thrives on.

I can't possibly explain the concept behind why I write. I know I write because it is part of me, I wouldn't know how to not write. It'd feel wrong sitting at the computer for a night, not typing up my ideas, or scribbling away in a notepad... I feel like I am learning and growing, meeting new people and possibilities as an outcome of my writing... I may have no reason to write... but I have less reason to stop.


xxx wolfe xxx

The End

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