It's an epicenter of creativity!!

I'm no "underworldly figure" but i can tell you why i write.

My name is Jan Michael Itong. Please though for the sake of me not hitting you, just call me michael or mike. I probably started writing when i was in grade 6 at the young-ish age of 12. First got into writng poetry because my teacher said i had a knack for it. I was content but not inspired by that comment.  made more poems and one short story but i never got to uploading them to any sites.

However, after reading and reading for three years i began to notice something. A habit if you will. I used to spend time watching tv alot and was ill-inclined to read. However i began to imagine myself as the creator of the tv show. Not producer but the writer of it. I began to crticize some of the thigns i saw. I could see flaws and in my head fill them in from small things like giving a character a better background to creating a bigger and badder villain the characters in the show would face. I also thought of the concept of what if that hero did die? What would happen if the villain won? Yeah i'm a chaotic person, but im also a just one. -big smile-

Reading and then eventually writing was my healthy past time compared to wasting hours playing video games. I also began to wonder if my game character could make his way in the shoes of another. So one day i wrote a short story of how one character fared in annother's world. Sadly i have recently lost that story, so i cannot share it.

My mind is kind of like a time bomb of imagination. After all the games i've played, the stories i've read and the movie/shows i've watched i'd probably go insane if i didn't write anything i had down.

Why write on Protagonize you ask? Well once i used to write on DeviantArt. However the number of prose it had was tiny comapred to the artwork. The fact that i cant draw worth crap and my scanner is never working led me to just stop going to deviantart. I remember i was on facebook when i came across an ad stating calling all writers to protagonize, the collaborative story site. I visited the sight and before long i was hooked. I came on every day, uploaded random stories that popped into my head after i clicked "write a new story" button and contributing some of my imagination into the works of others. Protagonize is a wonderful and sweet site, one i plan on writing for for a long time.

So thats why i write. How about you?


The End

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