The Calling.

My Name is Charlotte Emma Warren. I am 14 years of age and my life sucks. Atleast, I thought it did. I had no meaning, no drive. Nothing to make me wake up. Nothing to make me go to sleep. But I lived this way for a good 13 years.

I lived in a small, desperate-for-tourists town called Blackpool. And there, I was in with the wrong crowd, in which I got picked on alot for being different. So I would dish it out to others who were less fortunate than me, I plan to make amends.

One morning, BOOM, We're moving to London. Everything RUSHED. New friends, new persona, new life. I have always loved reading, I have always loved english lessons. I came to London and the cirriculum was DIFFERENT. No more answering questions, you had to get stuck in and try out new things. I have gotten my hands dirty in work, work which got me here.

Well, I read twilight, And I thought it was amazing. That wasn't the reason though. Most teens start writing because of that, I assure you, I'm just a fan, it's Stephanie Meyers work, I will not alter it nor add on chapters that do not run with the plot.

Me and My English teacher were talking one day during a break time, about a peice of creative writing I had produced. He loved it. Ever since then I have been writing, Always showing the man that had faith in me, He says it's definately my calling. So I'm proving those who once told me I'll amount to nothing that I have aspirations, I have meaning, I have drive.

I write for the love of writing, plus to get out some unwanted emotions. Better on the page than rather sceam at someone. I always feel like I leave a peice of me in my writing, A sliver of my persona has been burned into the words, you know? Tell me of you feel this too.

I find protagonize is a wonderful way of sharing ones talents, ones strenght and ones own views.

Thumbs up Protagonize :D

So, mystical being of the underworld, why dost thou write?


The End

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