Because...well...Just Because!

Asking me why I write is like asking someone why they breathe. Silly question, right? Spoken words don't come easy for me. Not by a long shot. However, speaking through someone else, the words flow out of me like a waterfall. I write because I want to be heard and I do, for some odd reason, think I have something I can teach the world. It might not be useful, but it's mine to teach. :)

Creativity is my heart and soul. I feel as if I become my characters. The adventures they go through I go through with them. The debilitating diseases they catch, I catch. The devastation that crosses their path, you guessed it. It crosses mine. I write because it's an adventure to go on and each story is different.

I'm not the stereotypical portrait of a writer, whatever that may be. I'm not a recluse spider waiting to attack at the first victim that steps out of line (as I'm sure you're not either). I involve myself very heavily with others probably for the sole purpose of inspiration. Wherever I go, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, something inspires me. It could be something being said, being done, or just the surroundings. But it never fails that something or someone inspires me to write something. Which is also why I keep a composition book handy or some post-it notes. (Thank you Spencer Silver.) I have so many ideas and characters and snippets of stories in my head that, if I didn't write, I'd go insane! I write: 1. To keep my sanity as that's pretty important, and 2. It's a great relief in life. When I'm writing in someone else's perspective, I assume that person's thought process. Worries, anger, sadness in my own life melt as my character's struggles become very apparent and real to me.

I guess I can say there really isn't one reason why I write. There is, however, one reason why I write here. Awhile back, I surveyed this site in hopes of finding that silver lining amongst dark clouds. The people involved seemed to work as a community. I loved it. Even the first day, people left comments welcoming me and explaining the process. A few weeks later, I was in love. I suppose it's safe to assume Protagonize fuels my passion to write and tell my own story. (Thank you everyone!)

But, hey. Everyone is different! What makes you pour out your heart and soul on paper...or a Word document (or if you're cheap like me, WordPad)?


The End

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