I write because it helps me cope.

In my life, I have been through so much; it would take awhile to explain all of it to you. It’s been hard.

Really hard.

But then one my twelfth birthday, I was given our family’s old laptop, and I found my escape. I was lost in a world of words and stories, and when I found an idea, I just allowed my fingers to run wild on the keyboard.  And then, other stuff happened. I felt like I was suffocating. My thoughts were unproductive. Someone deleted all my stories and secrets. And I was alone, back into the world of pain and confusing.


But then I found protag. Writing communities where others, like me, just wrote for fun, and to escape reality. I started getting comments on my stories that made me shine, and felt like not-so-much-of-a-nobody. I was so glad to find this website, where I can let what ever came to mind out into the open. =)

p.s: I also love the fact that I can kill someone off if I didn't like them. God, I'm creepy. =P

The End

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