Writing - A door to the real you !

                      Almost all of us wanted to be something as kids. I should say, all of us fantasized being something great! Be it a fireman or magician or a princess or even a clown or night watchman. And I'm sure hardly a handful of them have fulfilled that wish. Some must have been beyond reach while others must have been crushed by society. A clown surely makes everyone laugh but it is almost the last one to get respect in a crowd full of doctors and engineers and teachers! As we grow up, we become what the society wants us to be. Our dreams are thrown into some deep dark cellar. 

                      We are masked men! We say what the society wants us to say. We do what the society wants us to do. We are made puppets by this very society! To me, Writing is the door out to a new world. A world where our dreams are ours alone. No cellar, no dungeon can stop those dreams from being ours while we write. Writing is a feeling we get from within. Not everyone is a writer. You can't write if you're forced to! You may lie while you talk. But when you write, you ought to say the truth. And sometimes, you don't even realize it. Ask a sad person to write a happy poetry and he'd die finding words for it. 

                    Personally, writing to me is a feeling - a feeling of being myself, no matter what the world thinks. You may wear tons of make up but your writing can't ! Your writing is the only true thing you have in you even if the world goes topsy turvy. 

The End

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