A Personal Note

Personally, I write to escape.

I write about fact and fiction - and it helps to know that someone could actually be in the predicament that I foresee.

I write because it's the only thing that separates me from my friends - one of the few things I am passionate about.

When I write I feel like I'm content with what I am doing - and that's always a plus in life. As I have never felt anything so amazingly fulfilling as completing a story.

I always walk around with a notebook and handy pen, just in case I have a paragraph - hell, even a sentence that completes my day.

Constantly, I listen to everything around me; whether it's confessions or music or laughter or cries - trying to find inspiration and hope in this dreary world that we writers can make someone happy.

Writing, for me - is the reason I pay attention in class, the reason I am on the laptop for most of the evening, the reason I got myself a paper round to pay for books to help me and all other things.

Because writing, to me, is my saviour.

The End

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