Why? What Ticks? What Else But It All?

I write to recite it aloud.

I write to invite a crowd.

I write because

There's a cause

In just because.

It's how I pursue happiness. 

Writing is untouchable-- yet it expresses what it's like to touch. It's inexplicable and yet rooted in precise structure. It's a paradox because it expresses what a paradox is. It is a Llama because...well you guessed it-- it represents that too! It's larger than everything forever expanding, and yet it's as miniscule as the letters themselves continually shrinking. It's a portal to thoughts unthinkable while simultaneously so technical. Writing is simply everything and nothing all relatively encircled, trapped, bound, and free. Writing is constricted by, and propelled from within the imagination, emanating from and encompassed inside of your fleeting life and all that resides beyond your mortal architecture. 

Once written it's set in an impervious stone

That remains long after you become dust scattered bone.

 I find infinite possibility in writing, by tapping into something that's more than tapping on a keyboard-- knowing that it can be minimized to the sound of a tapping keyboard while magnifying into immense, dense, and deep thoughts of what comes after every possibility is thoroughly considered. 

Writing fulfills its own unique specialty, unexpectedly, singularly, collectively, even while being contrived and controlled by cadences such as this! It's tied to every aspect-- especially those that couldn't possibly be realized coherently due to language's own structure. In other words: it's not perfect.

Some claim that, "we are denied elevation by our own communication" and that, to me, is exciting. That means we still have something to prove by improving language! It's fresh soil to grow in and sprout what is undeniably unique and profound.

All of the words may have been used before-- but none in this order. None have expressed this exact meaning with this intensive exposing of the contradiction that writing entails-- for if it truly holds the power to express ANYTHING and everything clearly, then nothing could ever come between ourselves and understanding. And that is, unfortunately, just not true. And that is why I write-- to attempt expression clearly when tangled in syllables, rhyme, metaphor, reality, and seemingly impossible ways of thinking!

 I am unable to stop. I am utterly chained to its freedom! 

The pinnacle of expression has not been mastered. Though masters have sliced off pieces of perfection's edges, I believe the top spot is still out there to be had-- and that is why I write.

For the dream of becoming a part of, by imparting my part of, what will one day be stitched into the volume of the best writing of all time. Never believing you've set goals too high is a way to achieve magnificent things. At the very least, I can settle for something, deep down, I know is worthy, phenomenal, and representational of my very best if for no one else but myself.

So how come you do this?

The End

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