I write because

I write because words have power, not incoherant strings of bollocks to show how deep you are, or to post to your myspace or livejournal. Stories of real human beings, or something like em.

I write to show human emotion, to trigger ideas, beliefs, hopes, fear and every other emotion imaginable. Whether it's the hope the fabled prince and princess of runaway will find eachother one last time in runaway. Be it Cupcake getting violated by a tentacle in the Militia returns. I write to show what I've got inside, some of the writing is angry or emotional, other times humorous and probably my stronger suit. Regardless, when I'm gone. I'd rather be remembered for the stories I wrote, the laughter I created, and the tears shed for my characters.

Plus I write to get better, I'd rather take each chapter as a learning experience and get better. To create a true masterpiece and better myself. Allow my tounge to become a cannon as it were.

Aye, next writer you're up. what makes you tick?

The End

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