Because To Write Means I Pour Myself Out So Other's Can See What My Thoughts Mean

         When I first started writing majour stories, I was eleven. Whenever I wrote, I felt free, like an eagle soaring high above the clouds, and my thoughts can loose, even the cobwebs hidden in the very back of my imagination. I learned to live through my writing, to describe what I felt through my characters. The first time I let someone read what I had written I refused to believe it was good enough. I felt as if I was exposing my inner soul to them, and I was pretty sure my inner soul was not that beautiful to look at. It seems, most people think otherwise. My writing led me to a new world, full of magic and love and courage. I discovered what being me meant, and I'll never forget the glorious day I came out of my corner and let that hidden part of me flow out into the lives of other people. I live contented that I've made at least some impact on other people's lives.

       I met new people, discovered emotions I never knew existed, and along the way fell in love. I was so unused to the new feelings and sensations of the world I was discovering so rapidly, I started writing even more, pouring even more of me into my work. This thoroughly explains why my writing got better as I went along. I believe completely in dreams coming true. I also strongly think we should always write what we really feel, and not throw on a shallow mask that covers up the beauty of who we really are on the inside.

      To write, for me, is to live. I don't exactly know how other people view it, but my heart will always be in my writing. My first copy of my book was 196 pages long... typed. But it was only a shadow of me, because I had not given all of myself at the start. Now, as I rewrite my dream in the colors I absolutely want it to be, I will always remember that to write is to teach, to love, to learn, to understand and know everything about you. If you can't write with feeling in your heart, you might as well not write at all. I laugh and cry with my characters. They are part of me (and unfortunately, when I kill them off, it's a sad day) and a part of who I am. my writing IS me. it always will be.

      That is what writing means to me.


And I invite everyone who reads this to show why they write, because to everyone else, you still haven't revealed your secret.

The End

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