I'm next! The Lemon Yellow Donkey...

It goes round and around, never leaving me alone

I can't drink enough to shut it off that way

As he said: 'sometimes we need to park the damn thing.'

If I stop, I know what happens

The sickness, the jealousy.

Constantly watching her with him, even though they're miles away

And probably not together

'GIVE ME A VENT' I scream.

Everyone turns around to look. They understand, but they don't know how to say it.

They know how to stop it, but I'm not interested in that.

I don't want the distraction, the meaningless prose

I don't want a degree in trivialities.

I want to beat it all.

To beat them all.

I want this sickness to transpire

Into a sentence more violent

Than a cold steel bar to the base of the neck.

I want the guilt to evolve

Into a sentence more emotive

Than any tears all of the conformists have ever shed.

I want this lack of faith to breed

Into a sentence

That stops you all,

And in that silence you will realise that moment

is mine.

It is yours as well,

Because I finally became good enough

To give something back.

Why do i do this?

Because I still don't have the courage

To face what happens

When I


The End

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