And another few reasons...smac972

To make sense of it all.  To clear my head.  To remember there is a universality that the pain I have suffered is suffered elsewhere.  To know that if I can remember an experience, and pen it in a way that other's can relate, they will believe they are not alone in this word.

Sometimes, because I've still a little dignity, it's easier to bounce off unintelligible words off a keyboard, than to yell them on a street corner. 

When days are better than others, I like to point out the ironies and follies and miscongruities in life and hope that other people recognize how funny the world can be,

It's a heavy heart we carry sometimes and I've said good bye to more people than I ever thought I would have.  And so I write here to say hello to others, a no strings attached kind of relationship with one common goal.  To figure it all out, or as most as we can, and put it down on paper through voices of our own narrators.

That's why I write today.  And tomorrow may be different.  But I'll always find a reason.

Why do you write, next person?

The End

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