Story Teller

 I remember being confused about letters, the squibbles, lines and dots couldn't possibly form the words I spoke or the stories which sent me to sleep every evening. No matter how hard I tried, for years I couldn't find the words amongst the mazie of lines and dots, instead I looked to the brightly colourex pictures and created my own stories, driving both my teachers and my parents insane.

 Slowly, as my imagination developed and I began to fathom letters and their meanings, I found reading and writing turned from mystifying to amazing.

 I could make up my own stories seperately to the ones in storybooks.

 Why do I write? Not only am I proud I never gave up the fight to read and write, but also I'm addicted to the sound of words, the shape of my flicking letters now that my thyroide medication has stopped my hand tremours and the way I can create a new world for myself, where I can face my emotions whilst making them go through my characters, where I can escape and not have to care.

 Why do I write? Because when I feel too tired or too ill to go out with friends, run around the sunshine, go swimming or walk the dogs, I can do all of these things and much more, but in a magical place of my own.

 So, with apologies for any spelling mistakes, I hope you'll understand! This, is why I write.

Why do you write?

The fire in your imagination?

The problems that you have faced?

The achievment of each chapter?

Why do you write?

The End

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