The Stories In My Head

My sister is five years older than me, and she introduced me to literature when I was between three and four years old. First she read to me, then she taught me how to read.  she brought  home picture books from school.

I didn't like the idea that some of my favourite stories ended with " and they lived happily ever after."  I wanted the stories to keep going, so I made up my own continuations.

Through the years I wrote stories for school, stories for my sister, and stories for myself. There was a time when I thought I would actually become a writer as a career. Unfortunately, reality and life eventually took over, and it didn't happen.

I've kept journals, diaries, bits and pieces of stories, but I never really kept at it long enough to accomplish anything. I still made up stories, but they stayed in my head. When a favourite series on TV ended, I continued it on in my head.

My husband and family complained that I wasn't listening to them, that I was always daydreaming, and it was true. The thing is, I rarely wrote anything down anymore, I just left the stories in my head where they piled up in various corners of my mind, and gathered dust.

In late October last year, I found an ad on my facebook page for a collaborative writer's site. I went to the site, and was amazed at what I found. I loved the idea of getting the stories out of my head, and put somewhere that other people could see them.

Protagonize was that site, and I've never looked back. I'm finding that I'm dreaming up continuations of stories again, but now I'm putting them down in a place that others can add to them. I can add to other peoples' stories as well.

There's a good deal more space left in the attic of my mind now. I've pulled out some of those dusty piles of stories and put them in a place where they can be enjoyed... here at Protagonize.

The End

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