Letting it out

Why I write?

It started as an outlet for me. I had alot of problems that couldn't be talked through or even fixed. And it was eating me away inside, so after a short study on poetry in school I started to write. At first it was mostly because I realized I enjoyed it, but after a little while I started to write about what I was feeling. Which, after 3 or 4 poems that just oozed depression, I realized was a good thing. It was like a great weight was taken off my mind. I finally had a way to get those feelings out without hurting the people around me. And that's still what my writing was about for me, not to impress anyone or make myself look good. It's for me, it helped me get through the days without killing myself or someone around me.

More recently it hasn't been depression though that makes me write. I've realized I express myself so much better with my poetry then I ever will with speech. So it's my way to try to tell someone that I care, that I miss them. Stuff like that.

I post some of it here because maybe someone else will appreciate how I feel, not that it really matters to me, but it makes me feel good knowing there is something I can do well.

So, that's why I write, what about you?




The End

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