New Literature

I've just always been around books, books are always around me, the first book I ever read on my own regrettably being Harry Potter and the Philosiphers stone when i was around 5 and since then my Aunt buried me in books because she was a publisher. I've strived to be an author since I was around nine and that's all I've ever thought of doing since then.

My real motivation is to try and create ideas and writing styles that are incredibly effective and no-one has ever written before, making my work more original and profound. At the moment I'm writing to improve myself and to find this incredible idea and technique that hasn't been discovered yet.

I also enjoy the feel of pulling all the strings, of being able to decide the fate of so many made-up characters on a whim technically making writers a god in their own universe but i won't go into an "anti-god" rant about that(even though there can "only" be one god and all that pap)

And last of all I do it as an escape to help me feel like there's somewhere I can belong in a society that's stupidly discriminatory against everything(even if they don't realise it)

The End

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