I don't really know why I write...

   I don't really know why I write. I guess I write because I want to be praised and critic-ed so I could get better at it. I do what I love! And I love what I do! I write! I draw! I write so I could draw what I write! I was once in a story where, you could only have 50 words in that little short story. Well, I put the word Ain't in there and ended up with 51 words. I was like "Nuh huh! Ain't isn't a word!" I thought myself to be very creative for that...

   I think I also write because my family writes(besides my little brother and Mother). Heck, if I told you what my dad thinks of and then tells us children... Your mind would be like "I would have never thought of that! I think I'll take that Idea and make into a movie or book!" I have had many idea's taken from me. I don't like it. That is counted as stealing. Don't do it. It's not nice. Sometimes I'm afraid to share my idea's with certain people because I know they will take it for their own. I don't like it.

Okay, back to the real subject at hand. I write because I want my mind to be seen and made better. I think of a lot of things and can make up stories in one day and then the next day totally forget about it. Short-term memory lose is not your friend. I don't think it is anyone's friend.

Why do I write, you ask?
I write, because I can.

The End

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