I Write Because I Can.

I write because I am lonely.
When I was younger I would write about the boy I'd fancy. I'd make it rhyme and I'd make them into songs but without the tune I liked it more.
It was like owning a diary; having someone to talk to - because you don't need to talk to anyone when you have a pen and paper to utilise.

I write because it helps.
When I am bored, I can write. When I am sad, boy, can I write. When I am happy, I can write.
And it does help. It helps me let it out; it helps me understand how I feel; it helps other people understand how I feel; it helps me with my skills in English; it helps me feel happier about things. It truly helps me live sometimes.

I write because I can.
Because I have an imagination and I want it to run wild. I have a heart and mind linked so closely that I dream in poems - I think in poems. Because it is the best way I have found to put my whole heart out there for anybody to see and it is easier to do than talk. Because I can do it. No matter what is happening around me. 

The End

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