I write...in defiance

I write as an emotional outlet mostly.

And because I have so many stories and characters I want to show people.

Writing is the only hobby I've had that has firmly stuck, and compared to any other skills, I consider it my best one.

And I write because I enjoy it, there's nothing like sitting in front of my laptop and just letting my fingers go crazy over the keyboard. I always get a little jolt of happiness when I manage to finish a chapter of a story. Because for a long time it was struggle to get past the introduction of a story and I'm so glad that doesn't bother me anymore.

And finally, I also write because for years my parents would tell me I couldn't. They would say I could never make anything from it. So I guess you could say I write in defiance of everyone who ever tried to drag me in the dirt – parents, bullies, heck, even a few people who were supposedly my friends -They aren't my friends anymore don't worry :)

The End

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