Storytelling in the Corporate World

To try answering why I write or love writing, I’ll need to first go back in time, to about twenty years ago.

As a kid, like many other kids, I used to first fantasize growing up to be a super hero. I then decided that I wanted to be a comic book writer, and even created pages of comics and had my own super hero as well.

Come high school, those dreams died and I began focusing on the subjects that I was programmed to believe matter the most, such as mathematics and physical sciences, which brought me to where I am in life. I now have a decent career in IT, although I tend to get bored easily. My heart continues to crave for that elusive meaning in life.

Several years and different jobs (mostly in IT and programming) in different countries later, I have begun to realize that writing has been my one true love, and that I love writing for humans better than for computers.

I also probably write more than I speak. My Myers-Briggs Personality test says that I’m an INFP.

Although I’m still getting my feet wet on fiction writing, I relish any opportunity I get to write creatively in my current job – be it in the form of putting forward a business case, as emails in driving my argument, or in drawing analogies to illustrate a problem or an opportunity at work.

Ideally I would love to be a novelist one day. But I know I have a long way to go. Until then, I intend to use every opportunity I get to write, to drive my point across or to entertain. After all, everyone loves a good story – whether it is that little kid who wants to hear a bed-time story, or the VP of your company who needs to be sold on your argument.

So, my questions to the next person are, why do you write, and how does writing help in what you do? In other words, how do you think you can combine your love for writing with your career (assuming your career is not as a full-time novelist yet)? 

I think Nick for one has hit the jackpot in that aspect – in building this wonderful site and bringing our minds together!

The End

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