It's about Life

The writing process for me is often completely obvious. You see, I have these movies, films if you will; pictures of scenes and events that are constantly reeling through my mind. I see an explosion, a man running from the flames and diving in to a sheltered crevice. I see a woman, holding her husbands hand dearly as he struggles to survive the unstoppable onslaught of cancer at a time where medical science is nearly non existent. I see a multitude of worlds like the facets of a vast diamond, all screaming out to me to become real. Every story that flickers by my mind in short form screams to break the barrier between a simple thought to a full fledged existence. That's what it's about. Bringing life to the characters, giving them names and a world in which to live in.

Depth started with the thought of a few stragglers hoping to survive on a desolate planet.

The Call was the simple narration of a woman coming home from work, but I couldn't help but make her life more interesting along the way

The Winnowing is the ever entertaining story of surviving a zombie appocalypse from the viewpoint of an Aikido master.

Minerva is but in its infancy, even though there are quite a few chapters, the reel I have for that story is miles long and focuses on the aspects of human expansion and the realization that we are a plague in the universe that needs to be quelled.

All of these stories started out with a simple split second image of someone doing something, or of an event or idea that briskly fluttered in the eye of my mind.

Once the seed is sewn however, there is little I can do to stop it from growing violently into an awesome tree of thoughts branching off in every direction until finally it takes form into something I could put down on paper or write on a website.

Thousands of stories have bounced around and vanished in my mind because I simply had no outlet for them, no place for them to go. They needed life, and for that they needed readers, an audience. For what are we all if there is no Audience at our stage? We would simply prance around for a few moments and then vanish, having not been seen or heard, having not existed.

Protagonize gives a massive spotlight of hope for those stories that would otherwise fade away in my mind. Here I can write a story that popped up ambiguously from watching a woman help her child into the car. Something trivial, that in my mind sparks the beginning of an infinite chain of events culminating as it always does to the feverish pleas to become real, read, seen, heard, felt.

That's the wonderous thing about writing. I write a short chapter about a woman and her child and the existence of those characters are multiplied by the readers of this site. Each time she and her son are read about, they gain new life, a new perspective, a new possibility of existing for another moment. If the reader has the courage, there will be life for them yet.

That's why I write, to silence the pleas, to answer the wishes of the lives that multiply within me. To give them life and hope it propagates.

Why do you write?

The End

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